Day 3: Sierpinski Triangle and Oakland Museum

Sierpinski Triangle: This is a big triangle with lots of little triangles inside. A middle triangle was taken out of each triangle that was created. These steps were iterated to create the Sierpinski Triangle.

Random Rocks:  This is a photo of a bunch of rocks on the ground. These rocks are random because they’re all different sizes, shapes, and colors. I like how there are many different colors.

Irregular Rose: This is the bottom part of a rose without the pedals. The outter parts are all the same shape and size. The top of this stem has little brown curls, which shows something irregular. The rose in the background has the sunlight coming through the pedals.

Simple Heart: This rock interested me because it looks like a heart. I’ve never seen a rock like this before. There’s nothing complex about this rock. It’s just a rounded rock with a dent at the top. Many rocks are rounded in nature.

Splashing Baby Duck:   This duck is swimming in the water and is creating circle patterns in the water. The movement of the duck causes these patterns.


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Day Two: Koch Curve and Outside Life Academy

Koch Curve: This is an iterated fractile. The middle of the line was taken out and replaced with a triangle. These steps were repeated several times to create this image. This image shows self-similarity because small sections look like the whole thing.
Water Magnification: This is a picture of a flower outside of Life Academy. These drops of water aren’t just water; they’re like little magnifying glasses. The water magnifies the flower petals. I took a picture of this flower from really close up because the drops of water on the flower made a great addition to the beauty of the flower. The petals on this flower are all the same shape and color.

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Day One: Lake Merritt

Sunny Stems:   I took the picture of the flower from underneath to have the sunlight shine through the flower. The flowers in the background look really nice and the grass looks great around the flower. All the stems are parallel and vertical in this picture. The shape of the flower petals are all the same shape.

Focused Flower: The petals on this flower are all the same shape and all meet in the middle. I made the area around the flower blurry to emphasize the shape and color of the flower. The shape of the flower petals interested me because they are all very round on the edge.

Color Splash: This flower is one of my favorites. It’s all a very bright orange color. The black and white effect around the flower makes the color of the flower really pop out. The brightness of the green grass didn’t keep the color of the flower from standing out, but I wanted the color to really stand out from the rest.

Self-Similarity: This plant shows a lot of self-similarity. The big branches hold leaves the same shape as the whole branch. Every leaf on this plant is similar to the rest. I love how the plant is really green and it looks like a giant flower.

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Hey Everyone, Welcome To My Blog!

Hey, my name is Hernan Gallo and I’m a freshman at Life Academy. At Life Academy, we have a postsession at the end of the year. I will be in a photography class called Digital Photography: Patterns in Nature. For the next two weeks, I will be taking photos of nature and discovering different patterns that occur in nature.  Hope you enjoy my photos! 🙂 

-hernan a.k.a. ernie

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