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Day Nine: Golden Gate Park

Regular Sunny Flower: A bright yellow flower in Golden Gate Park grown in a bush. The pedals are all the same shape and size. The center of the flower has a pointy stick and there’s little stems growing around it. All the little stems re growing in a circle and they’re all the same shape.

Pink Pattern:  This is a pink flower with a darker pink color in the center. The petals are all the same shape and size. I made the background a light brown color to make the color of the flower stand out.

Self-Similarity Tree: This tree is very self-similar. The branches that stick out from the trunk look like the whole tree. The branches from those branches look like the whole tree. This pattern is iterated throughout the whole tree.

Water Swirls:  The water from a waterfall in Golden Gate Park creates little swirl patterns in the water. This pattern is iterated over and over as long as the water keeps falling.

Orderly Yellow Flowers:  These are some yellow flowers that are in straight lines that  make them very orderly. These flowers are all the same shape and so are the petals.


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Day Eight: Dimond Canyon and Optical Illusions

Green Clover:  This is a photo of a bunch of green clovers that are all the same shape. Every little leaf on each clover is the same shape and size. They look like little green hearts.

Crashing Waterfall:    This is a waterfall in Dimond Canyon. I really like how the water falls down into the pool of water below. The water falling is iterated over and over many times. The color of the water when it’s falling looks white and when it’s at the bottom, it looks blue green.

Simple Rock Formation:  These are flat rocks that are stacked up together to create a wall. I like how the rocks create a shadow in the spaces. The little green leaves growing on the rocks are all similar to each other.

Sunshine Plant:   This is a plant with the sunlight shining next to it. There’s some self-similarity in this plant. The little branches with white petals look like the entire plant.

Lego Impossible:  Which way’s up? Which way’s down? You can’t tell. This photo has stairs and doors going in different directions. Some things are flipped and it’s impossible to have this structure.

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Day Seven: Patterns in Milk and Cellular Automata

Milk Circles:     This is food coloring that was added to a plate of milk. The toothpick was dipped in detergent and then put in the milk. This chemical reaction made the food coloring make a circle pattern.

Milk Swirls:  After our experiment with milk and food coloring, this s what the milk looked like. There’s many swirls and colors. We started out with four colors and ended up with many different colors. I really like the variety of colors and swirls in this pattern. This photo shows randomness. There’s many different combinations of the colors in the milk.

Pyramid Pattern:  This is a triangle with a very orderly and simple pattern. The patter is just to have a blank square and then a filled square. I like the checkered pattern in this triangle. It reminds me of a checkers or chess board.

Cellular Automata:  This is a photo of cellular automata. The cells reproduced and created this at one point. These dots create little circles that fascinate me because they came together to form a certain shape.

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Day Six: SF Ferry and Fountains

Bridge Complexity:  This is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The bridge has vertical parallel lines going from shortest to tallest to create a curved structure. This photo was taken from the ferry, which created a big line pattern in the water. 

Simple Squares: These are big squares in a water fountain. These squares are all the same size and are aligned together perfectly.

Palm Tree Complexity:    This is the trunk of a palm tree. There are horizontal lines that go all around the tree trunk. There’s also little cracks in the trunk of different lengths and depths. The pattern is very complex and random.

Pigeon Flight in Fountain:   This is a pigeon flying around in this fountain. The water is falling right behind the bird. I like the contrast between the pigeon and the whiteness of the water. The water drops come together and separate at times when they fall out of the fountain.

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Day Five: Leona Gorge and Mandelbrot Set

Self-Similarity Branch:  The leaves on the little branches are the same shape as the whole little branch. I love how the sunlight makes the leaves on this branch a brighter green color.

Complex Cracks:  This mud dried up and cracks were created in it. The pieces of dirt are all different shapes and sizes. The drier mud edges go up more than the mud that’s still wet.

Regular Polygon Flower:     This flower looks like a polygon with equal sides. There are lines going from the center of the flower to the outside corners.  The color really stood out to me because it was the only thing around that was this color.

Mandelbrot Set:    This is a photo of a section of a fractal really zoomed in. I love how the circles get bigger as you go to the right. The circles have little swirls at the ends, which interested me because there’s many swirls.

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Day Four: Fort Funston at the Beach

Palm Tree Patterns:  These palm trees are all parallel to eachother. They are all straight, vertical lines. They’re all in a neat order. I like how there’s a small piece of blue sky in the background.

Seashell Simplicity: This seashell on the beach has slightly curved lines coming down. All the lines are evenly spaced and look like eachother.

Complex Crashing Waves:  These waves are creating an arched tunnel in the water. The waves will crash onto the sand and more waves will come along.

Simple Stacked Rocks:   These rocks are very simple. They all have a flat surface to be able to stack a rock on top of it. The rock on the bottom is the biggest and the smallest one is on top. This allows balance for the rocks.

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Day 3: Sierpinski Triangle and Oakland Museum

Sierpinski Triangle: This is a big triangle with lots of little triangles inside. A middle triangle was taken out of each triangle that was created. These steps were iterated to create the Sierpinski Triangle.

Random Rocks:  This is a photo of a bunch of rocks on the ground. These rocks are random because they’re all different sizes, shapes, and colors. I like how there are many different colors.

Irregular Rose: This is the bottom part of a rose without the pedals. The outter parts are all the same shape and size. The top of this stem has little brown curls, which shows something irregular. The rose in the background has the sunlight coming through the pedals.

Simple Heart: This rock interested me because it looks like a heart. I’ve never seen a rock like this before. There’s nothing complex about this rock. It’s just a rounded rock with a dent at the top. Many rocks are rounded in nature.

Splashing Baby Duck:   This duck is swimming in the water and is creating circle patterns in the water. The movement of the duck causes these patterns.

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