Day Ten: Mt. View Cemetery

Green Leaf Similarity:   This leaf looks like it has a smaller darker leaf in the middle. Both of the “leaves” are the same shape and they’re very similar to each other. I love the colors of the leaf.

Wave Tiles:  These tiles remind me of waves in the ocean. I love the color of these tiles and they were placed in a very orderly pattern. These tiles are all separated evenly and they’re aligned in straight lines.

Colorful Pattern:  This a decoration on the ceiling in a building in Mt. View Cemetery. The colors really caught my attention. This decoration is separated into four sections by lines on the ceiling. These sections are all the same shape, size, and color.

Complex Plant Pattern:   This is a plant with a complex pattern. The brown section has small parts sticking out. There’s many of them and some are different sizes and go in different directions.

Doorway Similarity:  These doorways are the same shape and size. In this photo, the doorways look like they are getting smaller in the center, but it’s just how it looks like from a distance. These doorways look like a long tunnel.


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    ayealma said,

    I like the doorway picture , it’s awesomeeeeee :]

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