Day Eight: Dimond Canyon and Optical Illusions

Green Clover:  This is a photo of a bunch of green clovers that are all the same shape. Every little leaf on each clover is the same shape and size. They look like little green hearts.

Crashing Waterfall:    This is a waterfall in Dimond Canyon. I really like how the water falls down into the pool of water below. The water falling is iterated over and over many times. The color of the water when it’s falling looks white and when it’s at the bottom, it looks blue green.

Simple Rock Formation:  These are flat rocks that are stacked up together to create a wall. I like how the rocks create a shadow in the spaces. The little green leaves growing on the rocks are all similar to each other.

Sunshine Plant:   This is a plant with the sunlight shining next to it. There’s some self-similarity in this plant. The little branches with white petals look like the entire plant.

Lego Impossible:  Which way’s up? Which way’s down? You can’t tell. This photo has stairs and doors going in different directions. Some things are flipped and it’s impossible to have this structure.


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  1. 1

    emirmendez23 said,

    Dude the picture with all the leaf that gray and
    one green is awesome

  2. 2

    brendi93 said,

    I like the way that you singled out one single clover and you compared it to the rest of the plant. The lego picture is cool because you really can’t tell whether it’s going in the right direction. And it makes my head hurt from just looking at it. Anyways, you take really nice pictures!

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