Day Seven: Patterns in Milk and Cellular Automata

Milk Circles:     This is food coloring that was added to a plate of milk. The toothpick was dipped in detergent and then put in the milk. This chemical reaction made the food coloring make a circle pattern.

Milk Swirls:  After our experiment with milk and food coloring, this s what the milk looked like. There’s many swirls and colors. We started out with four colors and ended up with many different colors. I really like the variety of colors and swirls in this pattern. This photo shows randomness. There’s many different combinations of the colors in the milk.

Pyramid Pattern:  This is a triangle with a very orderly and simple pattern. The patter is just to have a blank square and then a filled square. I like the checkered pattern in this triangle. It reminds me of a checkers or chess board.

Cellular Automata:  This is a photo of cellular automata. The cells reproduced and created this at one point. These dots create little circles that fascinate me because they came together to form a certain shape.


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    Alex said,

    Those milk swirls are awesome. I’ve seen people dye paper that way, by just dropping a piece of paper into a mixture like that for a few minutes. You get an amazing tie dye effect.

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