Day Four: Fort Funston at the Beach

Palm Tree Patterns:  These palm trees are all parallel to eachother. They are all straight, vertical lines. They’re all in a neat order. I like how there’s a small piece of blue sky in the background.

Seashell Simplicity: This seashell on the beach has slightly curved lines coming down. All the lines are evenly spaced and look like eachother.

Complex Crashing Waves:  These waves are creating an arched tunnel in the water. The waves will crash onto the sand and more waves will come along.

Simple Stacked Rocks:   These rocks are very simple. They all have a flat surface to be able to stack a rock on top of it. The rock on the bottom is the biggest and the smallest one is on top. This allows balance for the rocks.


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    ayealma said,

    hey ernie, i like your pics they are very intersting xD

  2. 2

    i like the picture of the palms. and the golden gate bridge

  3. 3

    emirmendez23 said,

    All the pictures that you took it awesome no dude all them are extreme awesome

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