Day Five: Leona Gorge and Mandelbrot Set

Self-Similarity Branch:  The leaves on the little branches are the same shape as the whole little branch. I love how the sunlight makes the leaves on this branch a brighter green color.

Complex Cracks:  This mud dried up and cracks were created in it. The pieces of dirt are all different shapes and sizes. The drier mud edges go up more than the mud that’s still wet.

Regular Polygon Flower:     This flower looks like a polygon with equal sides. There are lines going from the center of the flower to the outside corners.  The color really stood out to me because it was the only thing around that was this color.

Mandelbrot Set:    This is a photo of a section of a fractal really zoomed in. I love how the circles get bigger as you go to the right. The circles have little swirls at the ends, which interested me because there’s many swirls.


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