Day 3: Sierpinski Triangle and Oakland Museum

Sierpinski Triangle: This is a big triangle with lots of little triangles inside. A middle triangle was taken out of each triangle that was created. These steps were iterated to create the Sierpinski Triangle.

Random Rocks:  This is a photo of a bunch of rocks on the ground. These rocks are random because they’re all different sizes, shapes, and colors. I like how there are many different colors.

Irregular Rose: This is the bottom part of a rose without the pedals. The outter parts are all the same shape and size. The top of this stem has little brown curls, which shows something irregular. The rose in the background has the sunlight coming through the pedals.

Simple Heart: This rock interested me because it looks like a heart. I’ve never seen a rock like this before. There’s nothing complex about this rock. It’s just a rounded rock with a dent at the top. Many rocks are rounded in nature.

Splashing Baby Duck:   This duck is swimming in the water and is creating circle patterns in the water. The movement of the duck causes these patterns.

2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    elizabeth said,

    omq i love this rock its a heart oh. did u kept it. is nice oh by the way nice pics

  2. 2

    adarob said,

    Wow, you’re a very talented photographer and all of your pictures and descriptions are EXCELLENT! I love Splashing Baby Duck. You really should submit a photo to the contest if you haven’t already!

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