Day One: Lake Merritt

Sunny Stems:   I took the picture of the flower from underneath to have the sunlight shine through the flower. The flowers in the background look really nice and the grass looks great around the flower. All the stems are parallel and vertical in this picture. The shape of the flower petals are all the same shape.

Focused Flower: The petals on this flower are all the same shape and all meet in the middle. I made the area around the flower blurry to emphasize the shape and color of the flower. The shape of the flower petals interested me because they are all very round on the edge.

Color Splash: This flower is one of my favorites. It’s all a very bright orange color. The black and white effect around the flower makes the color of the flower really pop out. The brightness of the green grass didn’t keep the color of the flower from standing out, but I wanted the color to really stand out from the rest.

Self-Similarity: This plant shows a lot of self-similarity. The big branches hold leaves the same shape as the whole branch. Every leaf on this plant is similar to the rest. I love how the plant is really green and it looks like a giant flower.


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    adarob said,

    Incredible pictures and great descriptions! I really like the blur effect in the second one and the self-similarity in the last. Keep up the good work!

  2. 2

    emmanueltril said,

    I like the Splashing Baby Duck picture. The water makes circles within smaller circles with the duck.

  3. 3

    Monica said,

    All the flower pictures you took look really pretty. =]

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